Supergirl (2015) Supergirl (2015)

TV Series 2015

Action | Adventure | Drama | Sci-Fi

The adventures of Superman's cousin in her own superhero career.


Season 1 (2015) Top ▲

1x01 PilotHD
1x02 Stronger TogetherHD
1x03 Fight or FlightHD
1x04 LivewireHD
1x05 How Does She Do It?HD
1x06 Red FacedHD
1x07 Human for a DayHD
1x08 Hostile TakeoverHD
1x09 Blood BondsHD
1x10 Childish ThingsHD
1x11 Strange Visitor from Another PlanetHD
1x12 BizarroHD
1x13 For the Girl Who Has EverythingHD
1x14 Truth, Justice and the American WayHD
1x15 SolitudeHD
1x16 FallingHD
1x17 ManhunterHD
1x18 Worlds FinestHD
1x19 MyriadHD
1x20 Better AngelsHD

Season 2 (2016) Top ▲

2x01 The Adventures of SupergirlHD
2x02 The Last Children of KryptonHD
2x03 Welcome to EarthHD
2x04 SurvivorsHD
2x05 CrossfireHD
2x06 ChangingHD
2x07 The Darkest PlaceHD
2x08 MedusaHD
2x09 Supergirl LivesHD
2x10 We Can Be HeroesHD
2x11 The Martian ChroniclesHD
2x12 LuthorsHD
2x13 Mr. & Mrs. MxyzptlkHD
2x14 HomecomingHD
2x15 ExodusHD
2x16 Star-CrossedHD
2x17 Distant SunHD
2x18 Ace ReporterHD
2x19 AlexHD
2x20 City of Lost ChildrenHD
2x21 ResistHD
2x22 Nevertheless, She PersistedHD

Season 3 (2017) Top ▲

3x01 Girl of Steel
3x02 Triggers
3x03 Far from the Tree
3x04 The FaithfulHD
3x05 DamageHD
3x06 MidvaleHD
3x07 Wake UpHD
3x08 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1HD
3x09 ReignHD
3x10 Legion of Super-HeroesHD
3x11 Fort RozzHD
3x12 For GoodHD
3x13 Both Sides Now
3x14 Schott Through the HeartHD
3x15 In Search of Lost TimeHD
3x16 Of Two MindsHD
3x17 TrinityHD
3x18 Shelter from the StormHD
3x19 The FanaticalHD
3x20 Dark Side of the MoonHD
3x21 Not KansasHD
3x22 Make it ReignHD
3x23 Battles Lost and WonHD

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