Madam Secretary (2014) Madam Secretary (2014)

TV Series 2014


A look at the personal and professional life of a Secretary of State as she tries to balance her work and family life.


Season 1 (2014) Top ▲

1x01 Pilot
1x02 Another Benghazi
1x03 The Operative
1x04 Just Another Normal Day
1x05 Blame Canada
1x06 The Call
1x07 Passage
1x08 Need to Know
1x09 So It Goes
1x10 Collateral Damage
1x11 Game On
1x12 Standoff
1x13 Chains of Command
1x14 Whisper of the Ax
1x15 The Ninth Circle
1x16 Tamerlane
1x17 Face the Nation
1x18 The Time Is at Hand
1x19 Spartan Figures
1x20 The Necessary Art
1x21 The Kill List
1x22 There But for the Grace of God

Season 2 (2015) Top ▲

2x01 The Show Must Go On
2x02 The Doability Doctrine
2x03 Episode #2.3
2x04 Episode #2.4
2x05 Episode #2.5
2x06 Catch and Release
2x07 You Say You Want a Revolution
2x08 Lights Out
2x09 Russian Roulette
2x10 Episode #2.10
2x11 Unity Node
2x12 The Middle Way
2x13 Episode #2.13
2x14 Left of the Boom
2x15 Right of the Boom
2x16 Episode #2.16
2x17 Higher Learning
2x18 On the Clock
2x19 Desperate Remedies
2x20 Episode #2.20
2x21 Render Safe
2x22 Render Safe
2x23 Vartius

Season 3 (2016) Top ▲

3x01 Sea Change
3x02 The Linchpin
3x03 South China Sea
3x04 The Dissent Memo
3x05 The French Revolution
3x06 The Statement
3x07 Tectonic Shift
3x08 Breakout Capacity
3x09 Snap Back
3x10 The Race
3x11 Gift Horse
3x12 The Detour
3x13 The Beautiful Game
3x14 Labor of Love
3x15 Break in Diplomacy
3x16 Swept Away
3x17 Convergence
3x18 Good Bones
3x19 Episode #3.19
3x20 Extraordinary Hazard
3x21 The Seventh Floor
3x22 Revelation
3x23 Article 5

Season 4 (2017) Top ▲

4x01 News CycleHD
4x02 Off the RecordHD
4x03 The EssentialsHD
4x04 ShutdownHD
4x05 Persona Non GrataHD
4x06 Loophole
4x07 North to the FutureHD
4x08 The Fourth EstateHD
4x09 Episode #4.9
4x10 Episode #4.10HD
4x11 Episode #4.11HD
4x12 Sound and FuryHD
4x13 Reading the SignsHD
4x14 RefugeHD
4x15 The UnnamedHD
4x16 My Funny ValentineHD
4x17 Phase TwoHD
4x18 Episode #4.18HD
4x19 Thin IceHD
4x20 The Things We Get to SayHD
4x21 ProtocolHD
4x22 Night WatchHD

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