Person of Interest (2011) Person of Interest (2011)

TV Series 2011

Drama | Thriller

Centers on ex-CIA hitman and a scientist who team up to prevent crimes before they happen.


Season 1 (2011) Top ▲

1x01 Pilot
1x02 Ghosts
1x03 Mission Creep
1x04 Cura Te Ipsum
1x05 Judgment
1x06 The Fix
1x07 Witness
1x08 Foe
1x09 Get Carter
1x10 Number Crunch
1x11 Super
1x12 Legacy
1x13 Root Cause
1x14 Wolf and Cub
1x15 Blue Code
1x16 Risk
1x17 Baby Blue
1x18 Identity Crisis
1x19 Flesh and Blood
1x20 Matsya Nyaya
1x21 Many Happy Returns
1x22 No Good Deed
1x23 Firewall

Season 2 (2012) Top ▲

2x01 The Contingency
2x02 Bad Code
2x03 Masquerade
2x04 Triggerman
2x05 Bury the Lede
2x06 High Road
2x07 Critical
2x08 Til Death
2x09 C.O.D.
2x10 Shadow Box
2x11 2 Pi R
2x12 Prisoner's Dilemma
2x13 Dead Reckoning
2x14 One Percent
2x15 Booked Solid
2x16 Relevance
2x17 Proteus
2x18 All In
2x19 Trojan Horse
2x20 In Extremis
2x21 Zero Day
2x22 God Mode

Season 3 (2013) Top ▲

3x01 Liberty
3x02 Nothing to Hide
3x03 Lady Killer
3x04 Reasonable Doubt
3x05 Razgovor
3x06 Mors Praematura
3x07 The Perfect Mark
3x08 Endgame
3x09 The Crossing
3x10 The Devil's Share
3x11 Lethe
3x12 Aletheia
3x13 4C
3x14 Provenance
3x15 Last Call
3x16 Ram
3x17 Root Path
3x18 Allegiance
3x19 Most Likely to...
3x20 Death Benefit
3x21 Beta
3x22 A House Divided
3x23 Deus Ex Machina

Season 4 (2014) Top ▲

4x01 Panopticon
4x02 Nautilus
4x03 Wingman
4x04 Brotherhood
4x05 Prophets
4x06 Pretenders
4x07 Honor Among Thieves
4x08 Point of Origin
4x09 The Devil You Know
4x10 The Cold War
4x11 If-Then-Else
4x12 Control-Alt-Delete
4x13 M.I.A.
4x14 Guilty
4x15 Q&A
4x16 Blunt
4x17 Karma
4x18 Skip
4x19 Search and Destroy
4x20 Terra Incognita
4x21 Asylum
4x22 YHWH

Season 5 (2016) Top ▲

5x01 B.S.O.D.
5x02 SNAFU
5x03 Truth Be Told
5x04 ShotSeeker
5x05 ShotSeeker
5x06 A More Perfect Union
5x07 QSO
5x08 Reassortment
5x09 Sotto Voce
5x10 The Day the World Went Away
5x11 Synecdoche
5x12 .exe
5x13 Return 0

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