Revenge (2011) Revenge (2011)

TV Series 2011


Centers on a young woman who is welcomed into a community filled with people who don't know she's only there to exact revenge on those who had destroyed her family.


Season 1 (2011) Top ▲

1x01 Pilot
1x02 Trust
1x03 Betrayal
1x04 Duplicity
1x05 Guilt
1x06 Intrigue
1x07 Charade
1x08 Treachery
1x09 Suspicion
1x10 Loyalty
1x11 Duress
1x12 Infamy
1x13 Commitment
1x14 Perception
1x15 Chaos
1x16 Scandal
1x17 Doubt
1x18 Justice
1x19 Absolution
1x20 Legacy
1x21 Grief
1x22 Reckoning

Season 2 (2012) Top ▲

2x01 Destiny
2x02 Resurrection
2x03 Confidence
2x04 Intuition
2x05 Forgiveness
2x06 Illusion
2x07 Exposure
2x08 Lineage
2x09 Revelations
2x10 Power
2x11 Sabotage
2x12 Collusion
2x13 Union
2x14 Sacrifice
2x15 Retribution
2x16 Illumination
2x17 Victory
2x18 Masquerade
2x19 Identity
2x20 Engagement
2x21 Truth: Part 1
2x22 Truth: Part 2

Season 3 (2013) Top ▲

3x01 Fear
3x02 Sin
3x03 Confession
3x04 Mercy
3x05 Control
3x06 Dissolution
3x07 Resurgence
3x08 Secrecy
3x09 Surrender
3x10 Exodus
3x11 Homecoming
3x12 Endurance
3x13 Hatred
3x14 Payback
3x15 Struggle
3x16 Disgrace
3x17 Addiction
3x18 Blood
3x19 Allegiance
3x20 Revolution
3x21 Impetus
3x22 Execution

Season 4 (2014) Top ▲

4x01 Renaissance
4x02 Disclosure
4x03 Ashes
4x04 Meteor
4x05 Repercussions
4x06 Damage
4x07 Ambush
4x08 Contact
4x09 Intel
4x10 Atonement
4x11 Epitaph
4x12 Madness
4x13 Abduction
4x14 Kindred
4x15 Bait
4x16 Retaliation
4x17 Loss
4x18 Clarity
4x19 Exposure
4x20 Burn
4x21 Aftermath
4x22 Plea
4x23 Two Graves

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