NCIS: Los Angeles (2009) NCIS: Los Angeles (2009)

TV series



Season 1 (2009) Top ▲

1x01 Identity
1x02 The Only Easy Day
1x03 Predator
1x04 Search and Destroy
1x05 Killshot
1x06 Keepin' It Real
1x07 Pushback
1x08 Ambush
1x09 Random on Purpose
1x10 Brimstone
1x11 Breach
1x12 Past Lives
1x13 Missing
1x14 LD50
1x15 The Bank Job
1x16 Chinatown
1x17 Full Throttle
1x18 Blood Brothers
1x19 Hand-to-Hand
1x20 Fame
1x21 Found
1x22 Hunted
1x23 Burned
1x24 Callen, G

Season 2 (2010) Top ▲

2x01 Human Traffic
2x02 Black Widow
2x03 Borderline
2x04 Special Delivery
2x05 Little Angels
2x06 Stand-off
2x07 Episode #2.7
2x08 Bounty
2x09 Absolution
2x10 Deliverance
2x11 Disorder
2x12 Overwatch
2x13 Archangel
2x14 Lockup
2x15 Tin Soldiers
2x16 Empty Quiver
2x17 Personal
2x18 Harm's Way
2x19 Enemy Within
2x20 The Job
2x21 Rocket Man
2x22 Plan B
2x23 Imposters
2x24 Familia

Season 3 (2011) Top ▲

3x01 Lange, H.
3x02 Cyber Threat
3x03 Backstopped
3x04 Deadline
3x05 Sacrifice
3x06 Lone Wolf
3x07 Honor
3x08 Greed
3x09 Betrayal
3x10 The Debt
3x11 Higher Power
3x12 The Watchers
3x13 Exit Strategy
3x14 Episode #3.14
3x15 Crimeleon
3x16 Blye, K.
3x17 Blye, K., Part 2
3x18 The Dragon and the Fairy
3x19 Vengeance
3x20 Patriot Acts
3x21 Touch of Death
3x22 Neighborhood Watch
3x23 & 3x24 Sans Voir

Season 4 (2012) Top ▲

4x01 Endgame
4x02 Recruit
4x03 The Fifth Man
4x04 Dead Body Politic
4x05 Out of the Past
4x06 Rude Awakenings
4x07 Skin Deep
4x08 Collateral Damage
4x09 The Gold Standard
4x10 Free Ride
4x11 Drive
4x12 Paper Soldiers
4x13 The Chosen One
4x14 Kill House
4x15 History
4x16 Lohkay
4x17 Wanted
4x18 Red: Part One
4x19 Red Pt 2
4x20 Purity
4x21 Resurrection
4x22 Raven & the Swans
4x23 Parley
4x24 Descent

Season 5 (2013) Top ▲

5x01 Ascension
5x02 Impact
5x03 Omni
5x04 Reznikov, N.
5x05 Unwritten Rule
5x06 Big Brother
5x07 The Livelong Day
5x08 Fallout
5x09 Recovery
5x10 The Frozen Lake
5x11 Iron Curtain Rising
5x12 Merry Evasion
5x13 Allegiance
5x14 War Cries
5x15 Tuhon
5x16 Fish Out of Water
5x17 Between the Lines
5x18 Zero Days
5x19 Spoils of War
5x20 Windfall
5x21 Three Hearts
5x22 One More Chance
5x23 Exposure
5x24 Deep Trouble

Season 6 (2014) Top ▲

6x01 Deep Trouble: Part 2
6x02 Inelegant Heart
6x03 Praesidium
6x04 The 3rd Choir
6x05 Black Budget
6x06 SEAL Hunter
6x07 Leipei
6x08 The Grey Man
6x09 Traitor
6x10 Reign Fall
6x11 Humbug
6x12 Spiral
6x13 In the Line of Duty
6x14 Black Wind
6x15 Forest for the Trees
6x16 Episode #6.16
6x17 Savoire Faire
6x18 Fighting Shadows
6x19 Blaze of Glory
6x20 Rage
6x21 Beacon
6x22 Field of Fire
6x23 Episode #6.23
6x24 Chernoff, K.

Season 7 (2015) Top ▲

7x01 Active Measures
7x02 Citadel
7x03 Driving Miss Diaz
7x04 Command & Control
7x05 Blame It on Rio
7x06 Unspoken
7x07 An Unlocked Mind
7x08 The Long Goodbye
7x09 Defectors
7x10 Internal Affairs
7x11 Cancel Christmas
7x12 Core Values
7x13 Angels & Daemons
7x14 Come Back
7x15 Matryoshka
7x16 Matryoshka, Part 2
7x17 Revenge Deferred
7x18 Exchange Rate
7x19 The Seventh Child
7x20 Seoul Man
7x21 Head of the Snake
7x22 Granger, O.
7x23 Where There's Smoke...
7x24 Talion

Season 8 (2016) Top ▲

8x01 High Value Target
8x03 The Queen's Gambit
8x04 Black Market
8x05 Ghost Gun
8x06 Home Is Where the Heart Is
8x07 Crazy Train
8x08 Parallel Resistors
8x09 Glasnost
8x10 Sirens
8x11 Tidings We Bring
8x12 Kulinda
8x13 Hot Water
8x14 Under Siege
8x15 Payback
8x16 Old Tricks
8x17 Queen Pin
8x18 Getaway
8x19 767
8x20 From Havana with Love
8x21 Battle Scars
8x22 Golden Days
8x23 Uncaged
8x24 UnleashedHD

Season 9 (2017) Top ▲

9x01 Party CrashersHD
9x02 AssetsHD
9x03 Se Murio El Payaso HD
9x04 Plain SightHD
9x05 Mountebank
9x06 Can I Get A Witness?HD
9x07 The Silo
9x08 This Is What We DoHD
9x09 Fool Me TwiceHD
9x10 ForasteiraHD
9x11 All is BrightHD
9x12 Under PressureHD
9x13 Cac Tu NhanHD
9x14 Goodbye, VietnamHD
9x15 LiabilitiesHD
9x16 Warriors of PeaceHD
9x17 The MonsterHD
9x18 VendettaHD
9x19 Outside the LinesHD
9x20 ReentryHD
9x21 Where Everybody Knows Your NameHD
9x22 VenganzaHD
9x23 A Line in the SandHD

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