JAG (1995) JAG (1995)

TV series 1995-2005

Action | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

The cases of Harmon Rabb, former Navy fighter pilot, and his fellow JAG lawyers.


Season 1 (1995) Top ▲

1x01 Pilot: Part 1
1x03 Shadow
1x04 Desert Son
1x05 Deja Vu
1x06 Pilot Error
1x07 War Cries
1x08 Brig Break
1x09 Scimitar
1x10 Boot
1x11 Sightings
1x12 The Brotherhood
1x13 Defensive Action
1x14 Smoked
1x15 Hemlock
1x16 High Ground
1x17 Black Ops
1x18 Survivors
1x19 Recovery
1x20 The Prisoner
1x21 Ares
1x22 Skeleton Crew

Season 2 (1997) Top ▲

2x01 We the People
2x02 Secrets
2x03 Jinx
2x04 Heroes
2x05 Crossing the Line
2x06 Trinity
2x07 Ghosts
2x08 Full Engagement
2x09 Washington Holiday
2x10 The Game of Go
2x11 Force Recon
2x12 The Guardian
2x13 Code Blue
2x14 Cowboys & Cossacks
2x15 Rendezvous

Season 3 (1997) Top ▲

3x01 Ghost Ship
3x02 The Court-Martial of Sandra Gilbert
3x03 The Good of the Service
3x04 Blind Side
3x05 King of the Fleas
3x06 Vanished
3x07 Against All Enemies
3x08 Above and Beyond
3x09 Impact
3x10 People v. Rabb
3x11 Defenseless
3x12 Someone to Watch Over Annie
3x13 With Intent to Die
3x14 Father's Day
3x15 Yesterday's Heroes
3x16 Chains of Command
3x17 The Stalker
3x18 Tiger, Tiger
3x19 Death Watch
3x20 Imposter
3x21 The Return of Jimmy Blackhorse
3x22 Clipped Wings
3x23 Wedding Bell Blues
3x24 To Russia with Love

Season 4 (1998) Top ▲

4x01 Gypsy Eyes
4x02 Embassy
4x03 Innocence
4x04 Going After Francesca
4x05 The Martin Baker Fan Club
4x06 Act of Terror
4x07 Angels 30
4x08 Mr. Rabb Goes to Washington
4x09 People v. Mac
4x10 The Black Jet
4x11 Jaggle Bells
4x12 Dungaree Justice
4x13 War Stories
4x14 Webb of Lies
4x15 Rivers' Run
4x16 Silent Service
4x17 Nobody's Child
4x18 Shakedown
4x19 The Adversaries
4x20 Second Sight
4x21 Wilderness of Mirrors
4x22 Soul Searching
4x23 Yeah, Baby
4x24 Goodbyes

Season 5 (1999) Top ▲

5x01 King of the Greenie Board
5x02 Rules of Engagement
5x03 True Callings
5x04 The Return
5x05 Front and Center
5x06 Psychic Warrior
5x07 Rogue
5x08 The Colonel's Wife
5x09 Contemptuous Words
5x10 Mishap
5x11 Ghosts of Christmas Past
5x12 Into the Breach
5x13 Life or Death
5x14 Cabin Pressure
5x15 Boomerang: Part 1
5x16 Boomerang: Part 2
5x17 People v. Gunny
5x18 The Bridge at Kang So Ri
5x19 Promises
5x20 Drop Zone
5x21 The Witches of Gulfport
5x22 Overdue & Presumed Lost
5x23 Real Deal SEAL
5x24 Body Talk
5x25 Surface Warfare

Season 6 (2000) Top ▲

6x01 Legacy: Part 1
6x02 Legacy: Part 2
6x03 Florida Straits
6x04 Flight Risk
6x05 TV
6x06 The Princess and the Petty Officer
6x07 A Separate Peace: Part 1
6x08 A Separate Peace: Part 2
6x09 Family Secrets
6x10 Touch and Go
6x11 Baby, It's Cold Outside
6x12 Collision Course
6x13 Miracles
6x14 Killer Instinct
6x15 The Iron Coffin
6x16 Retreat, Hell
6x17 Valor
6x18 Liberty
6x19 Salvation
6x20 To Walk on Wings
6x21 Past Tense
6x22 Lifeline
6x23 Mutiny
6x24 Adrift: Part 1

Season 7 (2001) Top ▲

7x01 Adrift: Part 2
7x02 New Gun in Town
7x03 Measure of Men
7x04 Guilt
7x05 Mixed Messages
7x06 Redemption
7x07 Ambush
7x08 Jagathon
7x09 Dog Robber: Part 1
7x10 Dog Robber: Part 2
7x11 Answered Prayers
7x12 Capital Crime
7x13 Code of Conduct
7x14 Odd Man Out
7x15 Head to Toe
7x16 The Mission
7x17 Exculpatory Evidence
7x18 Hero Worship
7x19 First Casualty
7x20 Port Chicago
7x21 Tribunal
7x22 Defending His Honor
7x23 In Country
7x24 Enemy Below

Season 8 (2002) Top ▲

8x01 Critical Condition
8x02 The Promised Land
8x03 Family Business
8x04 Dangerous Game
8x05 In Thin Air
8x06 Offensive Action
8x07 Need to Know
8x08 Ready or Not
8x09 When the Bough Breaks
8x10 The Killer
8x11 All Ye Faithful
8x12 Complications
8x13 Standards of Conduct
8x14 Each of Us Angels
8x15 Friendly Fire
8x16 Heart & Soul
8x17 Empty Quiver
8x18 Fortunate Son
8x19 Second Acts
8x20 Ice Queen
8x21 Meltdown
8x22 Lawyers, Guns and Money
8x23 Pas de Deux
8x24 A Tangled Webb: Part I

Season 9 (2003) Top ▲

9x01 A Tangled Webb: Part 2
9x02 Shifting Sands
9x03 Secret Agent Man
9x04 The One That Got Away
9x05 Touchdown
9x06 Back in the Saddle
9x07 Close Quarters
9x08 Posse Comitatus
9x09 The Boast
9x10 Pulse Rate
9x11 A Merry Little Christmas
9x12 A Girl's Best Friend
9x13 Good Intentions
9x14 People vs. SecNav
9x15 Crash
9x16 Persian Gulf
9x17 Take It Like a Man
9x18 What If
9x19 Hard Time
9x20 Fighting Words
9x21 Coming Home
9x22 Trojan Horse
9x23 Hail and Farewell: Part 1

Season 10 (2004) Top ▲

10x01 Hail & Farewell: Part 2
10x02 Corporate Raiders
10x03 Retrial
10x04 Whole New Ball Game
10x05 This Just in from Baghdad
10x06 One Big Boat
10x07 Camp Delta
10x08 There Goes the Neighborhood
10x09 The Man on the Bridge
10x10 The Four Percent Solution
10x11 Automatic for the People
10x12 The Sixth Juror
10x13 Heart of Darkness
10x14 Fit for Duty
10x15 Bridging the Gulf
10x16 Straits of Malacca
10x17 San Diego
10x18 Death at the Mosque
10x19 Two Towns
10x20 Unknown Soldier
10x21 Dream Team
10x22 Fair Winds and Following Seas

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