Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996) Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996)

TV series 1996-2003

Comedy | Family | Fantasy

A sixteen year old high school student finds out she's a witch.


Season 1 (1996) Top ▲

1x01 Pilot
1x02 Bundt Friday
1x03 The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie
1x04 Terrible Things
1x05 A Halloween Story
1x06 Dream Date
1x07 Third Aunt from the Sun
1x08 Magic Joel
1x09 Geek Like Me
1x10 Sweet & Sour Victory
1x11 A Girl and Her Cat
1x12 Trial by Fury
1x13 Jenny's Non-Dream
1x14 Sabrina Through the Looking Glass
1x15 Hilda and Zelda: the Teenage Years
1x16 Mars Attracts!
1x17 First Kiss
1x18 Sweet Charity
1x19 Cat Showdown
1x20 Meeting Dad's Girlfriend
1x21 As Westbridge Turns
1x22 The Great Mistake
1x23 The Crucible
1x24 Troll Bride

Season 2 (1997) Top ▲

2x01 Sabrina Gets Her License: Part 1
2x02 Sabrina Gets Her License: Part 2
2x03 Dummy for Love
2x04 Dante's Inferno
2x05 A Doll's Story
2x06 Sabrina, the Teenage Boy
2x07 A River of Candy Corn Runs Through It
2x08 Inna-Gadda-Sabrina
2x09 Witch Trash
2x10 To Tell a Mortal
2x11 Oh What a Tangled Spell She Weaves
2x12 Sabrina Claus
2x13 Little Big Kraft
2x14 Five Easy Pieces of Libby
2x15 Finger Lickin' Flu
2x16 Sabrina and the Beanstalk
2x17 The Equalizer
2x18 The Band Episode
2x19 When Teens Collide
2x20 My Nightmare, the Car
2x21 Fear Strikes Up a Conversation
2x22 Quiz Show
2x23 Disneyworld
2x24 Sabrina's Choice
2x25 Rumor Mill
2x26 Mom vs. Magic

Season 3 (1998) Top ▲

3x01 It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Season Opener
3x02 Boy Was My Face Red
3x03 Suspicious Minds
3x04 The Pom Pom Incident
3x05 Pancake Madness
3x06 Good Will Haunting
3x07 You Bet Your Family
3x08 And the Sabrina Goes to...
3x09 Nobody Nose Libby Like Sabrina Nose Libby
3x10 Sabrina and the Beast
3x11 Christmas Amnesia
3x12 Whose So-Called Life Is It Anyway?
3x13 What Price Harvey?
3x14 Mrs. Kraft
3x15 Sabrina and the Pirates
3x16 Sabrina the Matchmaker
3x17 Salem, the Boy
3x18 Sabrina, the Teenage Writer
3x19 The Big Sleep
3x20 Sabrina's Pen Pal
3x21 Sabrina's Real World
3x22 The Long and Winding Short Cut
3x23 Sabrina the Sandman
3x24 Silent Movie
3x25 The Good, the Bad and the Luau

Season 4 (1999) Top ▲

4x01 No Place Like Home
4x02 Dream a Little Dreama Me
4x03 Jealousy
4x04 Little Orphan Hilda
4x05 Spoiled Rotten
4x06 Episode LXXXI: The Phantom Menace
4x07 Prelude to a Kiss
4x08 Aging, Not So Gracefully
4x09 Love Means Having to Say You're Sorry
4x10 Ice Station Sabrina
4x11 Salem and Juliette
4x12 Sabrina, Nipping at Your Nose
4x13 Now You See Her, Now You Don't
4x14 Super Hero
4x15 Love in Bloom
4x16 Welcome Back, Duke
4x17 Salem's Daughter
4x18 Dreama the Mouse
4x19 The Wild, Wild Witch
4x20 She's Baaaack!
4x21 The Four Faces of Sabrina

Season 5 (2000) Top ▲

5x01 Every Witch Way But Loose
5x02 Double Time
5x03 Heart of the Matter
5x04 You Can't Twin
5x06 The Halloween Scene
5x07 Welcome, Traveler
5x08 Some of My Best Friends Are Half-Mortal
5x09 Lost at C
5x10 Sabrina's Perfect Christmas
5x11 My Best Shot
5x12 Tick-Tock Hilda's Clock
5x13 Sabrina's New Roommate
5x14 Making the Grade
5x15 Love Is a Many Complicated Thing
5x16 Sabrina, the Muse
5x17 Beach Blanket Bizarro
5x18 Witchright Hall
5x19 Sabrina, the Activist
5x20 Do You See What I See?
5x21 Sabrina's Got Spirit
5x22 Finally!

Season 6 (2001) Top ▲

6x02 Sabrina's Date with Destiny
6x12 Sabrina and the Candidate
6x13 I Think I Love You
6x16 Sabrina and the Kiss
6x22 I Fall to Pieces

Season 7 (2002) Top ▲

7x01 Total Sabrina Live: Part 2
7x02 The Big Head
7x03 Call Me Crazy
7x04 Shift Happens
7x05 Free Sabrina
7x06 Sabrina Unplugged
7x07 Witch Way Out
7x08 Bada-Ping!
7x09 It's a Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Christmas
7x10 Ping Ping a Song
7x11 The Lyin', the Witch and the Wardrobe
7x12 In Sabrina We Trust
7x13 Sabrina in Wonderland
7x14 Present Perfect
7x15 Cirque du Sabrina
7x16 Getting to Nose You
7x17 Romance Looming
7x18 Spellmanian Slip
7x19 You Slay Me
7x20 A Fish Tale
7x21 What a Witch Wants

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