Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999)

TV Series 1999

Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

This show introduces the Special Victims Unit, a new elite squad of NYPD detectives who investigate sexually related crimes.


Season 1 (1999) Top ▲

1x01 Payback
1x02 A Single Life
1x03 Or Just Look Like One
1x04 Hysteria
1x05 Wanderlust
1x06 Sophomore Jinx
1x07 Uncivilized
1x08 Stalked
1x09 Stocks & Bondage
1x10 Closure
1x11 Bad Blood
1x12 Russian Love Poem
1x13 Disrobed
1x14 Limitations
1x15 Entitled
1x16 The Third Guy
1x17 Misleader
1x18 Chat Room
1x19 Contact
1x20 Remorse
1x21 Nocturne
1x22 Slaves

Season 2 (2000) Top ▲

2x01 Wrong Is Right
2x02 Honor
2x03 Closure: Part 2
2x04 Legacy
2x05 Baby Killer
2x06 Noncompliance
2x07 Asunder
2x08 Taken
2x09 Pixies
2x10 Consent
2x11 Abuse
2x12 Secrets
2x13 Victims
2x14 Paranoia
2x15 Countdown
2x16 Runaway
2x17 Folly
2x18 Manhunt
2x19 Parasites
2x20 Pique
2x21 Scourge

Season 3 (2001) Top ▲

3x01 Repression
3x02 Wrath
3x03 Stolen
3x04 Rooftop
3x05 Tangled
3x06 Redemption
3x07 Sacrifice
3x08 Inheritance
3x09 Care
3x10 Ridicule
3x11 Monogamy
3x12 Protection
3x13 Prodigy
3x14 Counterfeit
3x15 Execution
3x16 Popular
3x17 Surveillance
3x18 Guilt
3x19 Justice
3x20 Greed
3x21 Denial
3x22 Competence
3x23 Silence

Season 4 (2002) Top ▲

4x01 Chameleon
4x02 Deception
4x03 Vulnerable
4x04 Lust
4x05 Disappearing Acts
4x06 Angels
4x07 Dolls
4x08 Waste
4x09 Juvenile
4x10 Resilience
4x11 Damaged
4x12 Risk
4x13 Rotten
4x14 Mercy
4x15 Pandora
4x16 Tortured
4x17 Privilege
4x18 Desperate
4x19 Appearances
4x20 Dominance
4x21 Fallacy
4x22 Futility
4x23 Grief
4x24 Perfect
4x25 Soulless

Season 5 (2003) Top ▲

5x01 Tragedy
5x02 Manic
5x03 Mother
5x04 Loss
5x05 Serendipity
5x06 Coerced
5x07 Choice
5x08 Abomination
5x09 Control
5x10 Shaken
5x11 Escape
5x12 Brotherhood
5x13 Hate
5x14 Ritual
5x15 Families
5x16 Home
5x17 Mean
5x18 Careless
5x19 Sick
5x20 Lowdown
5x21 Criminal
5x22 Painless
5x23 Bound
5x24 Poison
5x25 Head

Season 6 (2004) Top ▲

6x01 Birthright
6x02 Debt
6x03 Obscene
6x04 Scavenger
6x05 Outcry
6x06 Conscience
6x07 Charisma
6x08 Doubt
6x09 Weak
6x10 Haunted
6x11 Contagious
6x12 Identity
6x13 Quarry
6x14 Game
6x15 Hooked
6x16 Ghost
6x17 Rage
6x18 Pure
6x19 Intoxicated
6x20 Night
6x21 Blood
6x22 Parts
6x23 Goliath

Season 7 (2005) Top ▲

7x01 Demons
7x02 Design
7x03 911
7x04 Ripped
7x05 Strain
7x06 Raw
7x07 Name
7x08 Starved
7x09 Rockabye
7x10 Storm
7x11 Alien
7x12 Infected
7x13 Blast
7x14 Taboo
7x15 Manipulated
7x16 Gone
7x17 Class
7x18 Venom
7x19 Fault
7x20 Fat
7x21 Web
7x22 Influence

Season 8 (2006) Top ▲

8x01 Informed
8x03 Recall
8x04 Uncle
8x05 Confrontation
8x06 Infiltrated
8x07 Underbelly
8x08 Cage
8x09 Choreographed
8x10 Scheherazade
8x11 Burned
8x12 Outsider
8x13 Loophole
8x14 Dependent
8x15 Haystack
8x16 Philadelphia
8x17 Sin
8x18 Responsible
8x19 Florida
8x20 Annihilated
8x21 Pretend
8x22 Screwed

Season 9 (2007) Top ▲

9x01 Alternate
9x02 Avatar
9x03 Impulsive
9x04 Savant
9x05 Harm
9x06 Svengali
9x07 Blinded
9x08 Fight
9x09 Paternity
9x10 Snitch
9x11 Streetwise
9x12 Signature
9x13 Unorthodox
9x14 Inconceivable
9x15 Undercover
9x16 Closet
9x17 Authority
9x18 Trade
9x19 Cold

Season 10 (2008) Top ▲

10x01 Trials
10x02 Confession
10x03 Swing
10x04 Lunacy
10x05 Retro
10x06 Babes
10x07 Wildlife
10x08 Persona
10x09 PTSD
10x10 Smut
10x11 Stranger
10x12 Hothouse
10x13 Snatched
10x14 Transitions
10x15 Lead
10x16 Ballerina
10x17 Hell
10x18 Baggage
10x19 Selfish
10x20 Crush
10x21 Liberties
10x22 Zebras

Season 11 (2009) Top ▲

11x01 Unstable
11x02 Sugar
11x03 Solitary
11x04 Hammered
11x05 Hardwired
11x06 Spooked
11x07 Users
11x08 Turmoil
11x09 Perverted
11x10 Anchor
11x11 Quickie
11x12 Shadow
11x13 P.C.
11x14 Savior
11x15 Confidential
11x16 Witness
11x17 Disabled
11x18 Bedtime
11x19 Conned
11x20 Beef
11x21 Torch
11x22 Ace
11x23 Wannabe
11x24 Shattered

Season 12 (2010) Top ▲

12x01 Locum
12x02 Bullseye
12x03 Behave
12x04 Merchandise
12x05 Wet
12x06 Branded
12x07 Trophy
12x09 Gray
12x10 Rescue
12x11 Pop
12x12 Possessed
12x13 Mask
12x14 Dirty
12x15 Flight
12x16 Spectacle
12x17 Pursuit
12x18 Bully
12x19 Bombshell
12x20 Totem
12x21 Reparations
12x22 Bang
12x23 Delinquent
12x24 Smoked

Season 13 (2011) Top ▲

13x01 Scorched Earth
13x02 Personal Fouls
13x03 Blood Brothers
13x04 Double Strands
13x05 Missing Pieces
13x06 True Believers
13x07 Russian Brides
13x08 Educated Guess
13x09 Lost Traveler
13x10 Spiraling Down
13x11 Theatre Tricks
13x12 Official Story
13x13 Father's Shadow
13x14 Home Invasions
13x15 Hunting Ground
13x16 Child's Welfare
13x17 Justice Denied
13x18 Valentine's Day
13x19 Street Revenge
13x20 Father Dearest
13x21 Learning Curve
13x22 Strange Beauty
13x23 Rhodium Nights

Season 14 (2012) Top ▲

14x01 & 14x02 Lost Reputation
14x02 Above Suspicion
14x03 Twenty-Five Acts
14x04 Acceptable Loss
14x05 Manhattan Vigil
14x06 Friending Emily
14x07 Vanity's Bonfire
14x08 Lesson's Learned
14x09 Dreams Deferred
14x10 Presumed Guilty
14x11 Beautiful Frame
14x12 Criminal Hatred
14x13 Monster's Legacy
14x14 Secrets Exhumed
14x15 Deadly Ambition
14x16 Funny Valentine
14x17 Undercover Blue
14x18 Legitimate Rape
14x19 Born Psychopath
14x20 Girl Dishonored
14x21 Traumatic Wound
14x22 Poisoned Motive
14x23 Brief Interlude
14x24 Her Negotiation

Season 16 (2014) Top ▲

16x01 Girls Disappeared
16x02 American Disgrace
16x03 Producer's Backend
16x04 Holden's Manifesto
16x05 Pornstar's Requiem
16x06 Glasgowman's Wrath
16x07 Chicago Crossover
16x08 Spousal Privilege
16x09 Pattern Seventeen
16x10 Forgiving Rollins
16x11 Agent Provocateur
16x12 Padre Sandunguera
16x13 Decaying Morality
16x14 Intimidation Game
16x15 Undercover Mother
16x16 December Solstice
16x17 Parole Violations
16x18 Devastating Story
16x19 Granting Immunity
16x20 Daydream Believer
16x21 Perverted Justice
16x22 Parents' Nightmare
16x23 Surrendering Noah

Season 17 (2015) Top ▲

17x01 Devil's Dissections
17x02 Criminal Pathology
17x03 Transgender Bridge
17x04 Institutional Fail
17x05 Community Policing
17x06 Maternal Instincts
17x07 Patrimonial Burden
17x08 Melancholy Pursuit
17x09 Depravity Standard
17x10 Catfishing Teacher
17x11 Townhouse Incident
17x12 A Misunderstanding
17x13 Forty-One Witnesses
17x14 Nationwide Manhunt
17x15 Collateral Damages
17x16 Star-struck Victims
17x17 Manhattan Transfer
17x18 Unholiest Alliance
17x19 Sheltered Outcasts
17x20 Fashionable Crimes
17x21 Assaulting Reality
17x22 Intersecting Lives
17x23 Heartfelt Passages

Season 18 (2016) Top ▲

18x01 TerrorizedHD
18x02 Making a Rapist
18x06 Bad Rap
18x07 Next ChapterHD
18x08 Chasing Theo
18x09 Decline and Fall
18x10 Motherly Love
18x14 Net Worth
18x15 Know It All
18x16 The NewsroomHD
18x17 Real Fake NewsHD
18x18 SpellboundHD
18x19 ConversionHD
18x20 American DreamHD
18x21 Sanctuary

Season 19 (2017) Top ▲

19x06 Unintended ConsequencesHD
19x07 Something HappenedHD
19x08 IntentHD
19x09 Gone Baby GoneHD
19x10 PathologicalHD
19x11 Flight RiskHD
19x12 Info WarsHD
19x13 The Undiscovered CountryHD
19x14 Chasing DemonsHD
19x15 In Loco ParentisHD
19x16 DareHD
19x17 Send in the ClownsHD
19x18 ServiceHD
19x19 Sunk Cost FallacyHD
19x20 The Book of EstherHD
19x21 GuardianHD
19x22 MamaHD
19x23 Remember MeHD

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