The Sopranos (1999) The Sopranos (1999)

TV series 1999-2007

Crime | Drama | Thriller

Modern day morality tale about New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano, as he deals with personal and professional issues in his home and business life.


Season 1 (1999) Top ▲

1x01 PilotHD
1x02 46 LongHD
1x03 Denial, Anger, AcceptanceHD
1x04 MeadowlandsHD
1x05 CollegeHD
1x06 Pax SopranaHD
1x07 Down NeckHD
1x08 The Legend of Tennessee MoltisantiHD
1x09 BocaHD
1x10 A Hit Is a HitHD
1x11 Nobody Knows AnythingHD
1x12 IsabellaHD
1x13 I Dream of Jeannie CusamanoHD

Season 2 (2000) Top ▲

2x01 Guy Walks Into a Psychiatrist's OfficeHD
2x02 Do Not ResuscitateHD
2x03 Toodle-Fucking-OoHD
2x04 CommendatoriHD
2x05 Big Girls Don't CryHD
2x06 The Happy WandererHD
2x07 D-GirlHD
2x08 Full Leather JacketHD
2x09 From Where to EternityHD
2x10 Bust-OutHD
2x11 House ArrestHD
2x12 The Knight in White Satin ArmorHD
2x13 FunhouseHD

Season 3 (2001) Top ▲

3x01 Mr. Ruggerio's NeighborhoodHD
3x02 Proshai, LivushkaHD
3x03 Fortunate SonHD
3x04 Employee of the MonthHD
3x05 Another ToothpickHD
3x06 UniversityHD
3x07 Second OpinionHD
3x08 He Is RisenHD
3x09 The Telltale MoozadellHD
3x10 To Save Us All from Satan's PowerHD
3x11 Pine BarrensHD
3x12 Amour FouHD
3x13 Army of OneHD

Season 4 (2002) Top ▲

4x01 For All Debts Public and PrivateHD
4x02 No ShowHD
4x03 ChristopherHD
4x04 The WeightHD
4x05 Pie-o-MyHD
4x06 Everybody HurtsHD
4x07 Watching Too Much TelevisionHD
4x08 Mergers and AcquisitionsHD
4x09 Whoever Did ThisHD
4x10 The Strong, Silent TypeHD
4x11 Calling All CarsHD
4x12 EloiseHD
4x13 WhitecapsHD

Season 5 (2004) Top ▲

5x01 Two TonysHD
5x02 Rat PackHD
5x03 Where's Johnny?HD
5x04 All Happy FamiliesHD
5x05 Irregular Around the MarginsHD
5x06 Sentimental EducationHD
5x07 In CamelotHD
5x08 Marco PoloHD
5x09 Unidentified Black MalesHD
5x10 Cold CutsHD
5x11 The Test DreamHD
5x12 Long Term ParkingHD
5x13 All Due RespectHD

Season 6 (2006) Top ▲

6x01 Members OnlyHD
6x02 Join the ClubHD
6x03 MayhamHD
6x04 The Fleshy Part of the ThighHD
6x05 Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni RequestHD
6x06 Live Free or DieHD
6x07 Luxury LoungeHD
6x08 Johnny CakesHD
6x09 The RideHD
6x10 Moe n' JoeHD
6x11 Cold StonesHD
6x12 KaishaHD
6x13 Soprano Home MoviesHD
6x14 Stage 5HD
6x15 Remember WhenHD
6x16 Chasing ItHD
6x17 Walk Like a ManHD
6x18 Kennedy and HeidiHD
6x19 The Second ComingHD
6x20 The Blue CometHD
6x21 Made in AmericaHD

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