Burn Notice (2007) Burn Notice (2007)

TV series

Comedy | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

A spy recently disavowed by the US Government uses his Special Ops training to help others in trouble.


Season 1 (2007) Top ▲

1x01 Pilot
1x02 Identity
1x03 Fight or Flight
1x04 Old Friends
1x05 Family Business
1x06 Unpaid Debts
1x07 Broken Rules
1x08 Wanted Man
1x09 Hard Bargain
1x10 False Flag
1x11 & 1x12 Loose Ends, Part 1 & 2
1x12 Loose Ends, Part 2

Season 2 (2008) Top ▲

2x01 Breaking and Entering
2x02 Turn and Burn
2x03 Trust Me
2x04 Comrades
2x05 Scatter Point
2x06 Bad Blood
2x07 Rough Seas
2x08 Double Booked
2x09 Good Soldier
2x10 Do No Harm
2x11 Hot Spot
2x12 Seek and Destroy
2x13 Bad Breaks
2x14 Truth and Reconciliation
2x15 Sins of Omission
2x16 Lesser Evil

Season 3 (2009) Top ▲

3x01 Friends and Family
3x02 Question and Answer
3x03 End Run
3x04 Fearless Leader
3x05 Signals and Codes
3x06 The Hunter
3x07 Shot in the Dark
3x08 Friends Like These
3x09 Long Way Back
3x10 A Dark Road
3x11 Friendly Fire
3x12 Noble Causes
3x13 Enemies Closer
3x14 Partners in Crime
3x15 Good Intentions
3x16 Devil You Know

Season 4 (2010) Top ▲

4x01 Friends and Enemies
4x02 Fast Friends
4x03 Made Man
4x04 Breach of Faith
4x05 Neighborhood Watch
4x06 Entry Point
4x07 Past & Future Tense
4x08 Where There's Smoke
4x09 Center of the Storm
4x10 Hard Times
4x11 Blind Spot
4x12 Guilty as Charged
4x13 Eyes Open
4x14 Hot Property
4x15 Brotherly Love
4x16 Dead or Alive
4x17 Out of the Fire
4x18 Last Stand

Season 5 (2011) Top ▲

5x01 Company Man
5x02 Bloodlines
5x03 Mind Games
5x04 No Good Deed
5x05 Square One
5x06 Enemy of My Enemy
5x07 Besieged
5x08 Hard Out
5x09 Eye for an Eye
5x10 Army of One
5x11 Better Halves
5x12 Dead to Rights
5x13 Damned If You Do
5x14 Breaking Point
5x15 Necessary Evil
5x16 Depth Perception
5x17 Acceptable Loss
5x18 Fail Safe

Season 6 (2012) Top ▲

6x01 Scorched Earth
6x02 Mixed Messages
6x03 Last Rites
6x04 Under the Gun
6x05 Split Decision
6x06 Shock Wave
6x07 Reunion
6x08 Unchained
6x09 Official Business
6x10 Desperate Times
6x11 Desperate Measures
6x12 Means & Ends
6x13 Over the Line
6x14 Down & Out
6x15 Best Laid Plans
6x16 Odd Man Out
6x17 You Can Run
6x18 Game Change

Season 7 (2013) Top ▲

7x01 New Deal
7x02 Forget Me Not
7x03 Down Range
7x04 Brothers in Arms
7x05 Exit Plan
7x06 All or Nothing
7x07 Psychological Warfare
7x08 Nature of the Beast
7x09 Bitter Pill
7x10 Things Unseen
7x11 Tipping Point
7x12 Sea Change
7x13 Reckoning

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