The Big Bang Theory (2007) The Big Bang Theory (2007)

TV Series 2007

Comedy | Romance

A woman who moves into an apartment across the hall from two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory.


Season 0 (2006) Top ▲

0x00 Unaired Pilot

Season 1 (2007) Top ▲

1x01 PilotHD
1x02 The Big Bran HypothesisHD
1x03 The Fuzzy Boots CorollaryHD
1x04 The Luminous Fish EffectHD
1x05 The Hamburger PostulateHD
1x06 The Middle Earth ParadigmHD
1x07 The Dumpling ParadoxHD
1x08 The Grasshopper ExperimentHD
1x09 The Cooper-Hofstadter PolarizationHD
1x10 The Loobenfeld DecayHD
1x11 The Pancake Batter AnomalyHD
1x12 The Jerusalem DualityHD
1x13 The Bat Jar ConjectureHD
1x14 The Nerdvana AnnihilationHD
1x15 The Pork Chop IndeterminacyHD
1x16 The Peanut ReactionHD
1x17 The Tangerine FactorHD

Season 2 (2008) Top ▲

2x01 The Bad Fish ParadigmHD
2x02 The Codpiece TopologyHD
2x03 The Barbarian SublimationHD
2x04 The Griffin EquivalencyHD
2x05 The Euclid AlternativeHD
2x06 The Cooper-Nowitzki TheoremHD
2x07 The Panty Piñata PolarizationHD
2x08 The Lizard-Spock ExpansionHD
2x09 The White Asparagus TriangulationHD
2x10 The Vartabedian ConundrumHD
2x11 The Bath Item Gift HypothesisHD
2x12 The Killer Robot InstabilityHD
2x13 The Friendship AlgorithmHD
2x14 The Financial PermeabilityHD
2x15 The Maternal CapacitanceHD
2x16 The Cushion SaturationHD
2x17 The Terminator DecouplingHD
2x18 The Work Song NanoclusterHD
2x19 The Dead Hooker JuxtapositionHD
2x20 The Hofstadter IsotopeHD
2x21 The Vegas RenormalizationHD
2x22 The Classified Materials TurbulenceHD
2x23 The Monopolar ExpeditionHD

Season 3 (2009) Top ▲

3x01 The Electric Can Opener FluctuationHD
3x02 The Jiminy ConjectureHD
3x03 The Gothowitz DeviationHD
3x04 The Pirate SolutionHD
3x05 The Creepy Candy Coating CorollaryHD
3x06 The Cornhusker VortexHD
3x07 The Guitarist AmplificationHD
3x08 The Adhesive Duck DeficiencyHD
3x09 The Vengeance FormulationHD
3x10 The Gorilla ExperimentHD
3x11 The Maternal CongruenceHD
3x12 The Psychic VortexHD
3x13 The Bozeman ReactionHD
3x14 The Einstein ApproximationHD
3x15 The Large Hadron CollisionHD
3x16 The Excelsior AcquisitionHD
3x17 The Precious FragmentationHD
3x18 The Pants AlternativeHD
3x19 The Wheaton RecurrenceHD
3x20 The Spaghetti CatalystHD
3x21 The Plimpton StimulationHD
3x22 The Staircase ImplementationHD
3x23 The Lunar ExcitationHD

Season 4 (2010) Top ▲

4x01 The Robotic ManipulationHD
4x02 The Cruciferous Vegetable AmplificationHD
4x03 The Zazzy SubstitutionHD
4x04 The Hot Troll DeviationHD
4x05 The Desperation EmanationHD
4x06 The Irish Pub FormulationHD
4x07 The Apology InsufficiencyHD
4x08 The 21-Second ExcitationHD
4x09 The Boyfriend ComplexityHD
4x10 The Alien Parasite HypothesisHD
4x11 The Justice League RecombinationHD
4x12 The Bus Pants UtilizationHD
4x13 The Love Car DisplacementHD
4x14 The Thespian CatalystHD
4x15 The Benefactor FactorHD
4x16 The Cohabitation FormulationHD
4x17 The Toast DerivationHD
4x18 The Prestidigitation ApproximationHD
4x19 The Zarnecki IncursionHD
4x20 The Herb Garden GerminationHD
4x21 The Agreement DissectionHD
4x22 The Wildebeest ImplementationHD
4x23 The Engagement ReactionHD
4x24 The Roommate TransmogrificationHD

Season 5 (2011) Top ▲

5x01 The Skank Reflex AnalysisHD
5x02 The Infestation HypothesisHD
5x03 The Pulled Groin ExtrapolationHD
5x04 The Wiggly Finger CatalystHD
5x05 The Russian Rocket ReactionHD
5x06 The Rhinitis RevelationHD
5x07 The Good Guy FluctuationHD
5x08 The Isolation PermutationHD
5x09 The Ornithophobia DiffusionHD
5x10 The Flaming Spittoon AcquisitionHD
5x11 The Speckerman RecurrenceHD
5x12 The Shiny Trinket ManeuverHD
5x13 The Recombination HypothesisHD
5x14 The Beta Test InitiationHD
5x15 The Friendship ContractionHD
5x16 The Vacation SolutionHD
5x17 The Rothman DisintegrationHD
5x18 The Werewolf TransformationHD
5x19 The Weekend VortexHD
5x20 The Transporter MalfunctionHD
5x21 The Hawking ExcitationHD
5x22 The Stag ConvergenceHD
5x23 The Launch AccelerationHD
5x24 The Countdown ReflectionHD

Season 6 (2012) Top ▲

6x01 The Date Night VariableHD
6x02 The Decoupling FluctuationHD
6x03 The Higgs Boson ObservationHD
6x04 The Re-Entry MinimizationHD
6x05 The Holographic ExcitationHD
6x06 The Extract ObliterationHD
6x07 The Habitation ConfigurationHD
6x08 The 43 PeculiarityHD
6x09 The Parking Spot EscalationHD
6x10 The Fish Guts DisplacementHD
6x11 The Santa SimulationHD
6x12 The Egg Salad EquivalencyHD
6x13 The Bakersfield ExpeditionHD
6x14 The Cooper/Kripke InversionHD
6x15 The Spoiler Alert SegmentationHD
6x16 The Tangible Affection ProofHD
6x17 The Monster IsolationHD
6x18 The Contractual Obligation ImplementationHD
6x19 The Closet ReconfigurationHD
6x20 The Tenure TurbulenceHD
6x21 The Closure AlternativeHD
6x22 The Proton ResurgenceHD
6x23 The Love Spell PotentialHD
6x24 The Bon Voyage ReactionHD

Season 7 (2013) Top ▲

7x01 The Hofstadter InsufficiencyHD
7x02 The Deception VerificationHD
7x03 The Scavenger VortexHD
7x04 The Raiders MinimizationHD
7x05 The Workplace ProximityHD
7x06 The Romance ResonanceHD
7x07 The Proton DisplacementHD
7x08 The Itchy Brain SimulationHD
7x09 The Thanksgiving DecouplingHD
7x10 The Discovery DissipationHD
7x11 The Cooper ExtractionHD
7x12 The Hesitation RamificationHD
7x13 The Occupation RecalibrationHD
7x14 The Convention ConundrumHD
7x15 The Locomotion ManipulationHD
7x16 The Table PolarizationHD
7x17 The Friendship TurbulenceHD
7x18 The Mommy ObservationHD
7x19 The Indecision AmalgamationHD
7x20 The Relationship DiremptionHD
7x21 The Anything Can Happen RecurrenceHD
7x22 The Proton TransmogrificationHD
7x23 The Gorilla DissolutionHD
7x24 The Status Quo CombustionHD

Season 8 (2014) Top ▲

8x01 The Locomotion InterruptionHD
8x02 The Junior Professor SolutionHD
8x03 The First Pitch InsufficiencyHD
8x04 The Hook-up ReverberationHD
8x05 The Focus AttenuationHD
8x06 The Expedition ApproximationHD
8x07 The Misinterpretation AgitationHD
8x08 The Prom EquivalencyHD
8x09 The Septum DeviationHD
8x10 The Champagne ReflectionHD
8x11 The Clean Room InfiltrationHD
8x12 The Space Probe DisintegrationHD
8x13 The Anxiety OptimizationHD
8x14 The Troll ManifestationHD
8x15 The Comic Book Store RegenerationHD
8x16 The Intimacy AccelerationHD
8x17 The Colonization ApplicationHD
8x18 The Leftover ThermalizationHD
8x19 The Skywalker IncursionHD
8x20 The Fortification ImplementationHD
8x21 The Communication DeteriorationHD
8x22 The Graduation TransmissionHD
8x23 The Maternal CombustionHD
8x24 The Commitment DeterminationHD

Season 9 (2015) Top ▲

9x01 The Matrimonial MomentumHD
9x02 The Separation OscillationHD
9x03 The Bachelor Party CorrosionHD
9x04 The 2003 ApproximationHD
9x05 The Perspiration ImplementationHD
9x06 The Helium InsufficiencyHD
9x07 The Spock ResonanceHD
9x08 The Mystery Date ObservationHD
9x09 The Platonic PermutationHD
9x10 The Earworm ReverberationHD
9x11 The Opening Night ExcitationHD
9x12 The Sales Call SublimationHD
9x13 The Empathy OptimizationHD
9x14 The Meemaw MaterializationHD
9x15 The Valentino SubmergenceHD
9x16 The Positive Negative ReactionHD
9x17 The Celebration ExperimentationHD
9x18 The Application DeteriorationHD
9x19 The Solder Excursion DiversionHD
9x20 The Big Bear PrecipitationHD
9x21 The Viewing Party CombustionHD
9x22 The Fermentation BifurcationHD
9x23 The Line Substitution SolutionHD
9x24 The Convergence ConvergenceHD

Season 10 (2016) Top ▲

10x01 The Conjugal ConjectureHD
10x02 The Military MiniaturizationHD
10x03 The Dependence TranscendenceHD
10x04 The Cohabitation ExperimentationHD
10x05 The Hot Tub ContaminationHD
10x06 The Fetal Kick CatalystHD
10x07 The Veracity ElasticityHD
10x08 The Brain Bowl IncubationHD
10x09 The Geology ElevationHD
10x10 The Property Division CollisionHD
10x11 The Birthday SynchronicityHD
10x12 The Holiday SummationHD
10x13 The Romance RecalibrationHD
10x14 The Emotion Detection AutomationHD
10x15 The Locomotion ReverberationHD
10x16 The Allowance EvaporationHD
10x17 The Comic-Con ConundrumHD
10x18 The Escape Hatch IdentificationHD
10x19 The Collaboration FluctuationHD
10x20 The Recollection DissipationHD
10x21 The Separation AgitationHD
10x22 The Cognition RegenerationHD
10x23 The Gyroscopic CollapseHD
10x24 The Long Distance DissonanceHD

Season 11 (2017) Top ▲

11x01 The Proposal ProposalHD
11x02 The Retraction ReactionHD
11x03 The Relaxation IntegrationHD
11x04 The Explosion ImplosionHD
11x05 The Collaboration ContaminationHD
11x06 The Proton RegenerationHD
11x07 The Geology MethodologyHD
11x08 The Tesla RecoilHD
11x09 The Bitcoin EntanglementHD
11x10 The Confidence ErosionHD
11x11 The Celebration ReverberationHD
11x12 The Matrimonial MetricHD
11x13 The Solo OscillationHD
11x14 The Separation TriangulationHD
11x15 The Novelization CorrelationHD
11x16 The Neonatal NomenclatureHD
11x17 The Athenaeum AllocationHD
11x18 The Gates ExcitationHD
11x19 The Tenant DisassociationHD
11x20 The Reclusive PotentialHD
11x21 The Comet PolarizationHD
11x22 The Monetary InsufficiencyHD
11x23 The Sibling RealignmentHD
11x24 The Bow Tie AsymmetryHD

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